Hamburgheria Maremmana BIO

Entrecôte, cut of sirloin and fillet fully represent the qualitative characteristics of the product. Sandwiches with burgers, exclusively made with bio Maremmana meat, are prepared with bread from the Calzolari oven and other simple ingredients: lettuce, tomato, sweet provolone and a choice of red Tropea onion, bacon and sauces. The first courses, made with fresh egg pasta, are seasoned with the "bio Maremma meat ragù", made entirely with organic ingredients of Italian origin. The “Primitiva BIO” bresaola is produced by Paganoni, an ancient Valtellinese delicatessen, with a traditional recipe, without preservatives and exclusively with Maremma breed meat from the Consortium. The oil is exclusively organic extra virgin olive oil.
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The BIO Maremmana Breed Meat Consortium between breeders and operators in the sector was created to enhance the production and safeguard the biodiversity represented by this bovine from the Tuscan-Lazio Maremma. The products in the burger shop come exclusively from the consortium companies, which breed in the wild and according to the organic method.
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