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In the heart of Italy there is a great passion that all Italians have in common: food.
A fundamental pillar of our culture, Italian food is renowned throughout the world for the richness of its flavours, the quality of its ingredients and the authenticity of its recipes.
But what makes Italian cuisine so unique is its incredible diversity, which varies from region to region . Each has its own culinary treasures to offer, the result of centuries of cultural influences and the biodiversity of different places.
Gran Tour Italia represents an itinerary of (re)discovery of Italy , a journey that celebrates its historical richness, its biodiversity and its thousand-year-old traditions through food.

An adventure through its wonders, where each arrival point reveals a unique destination.

Stage after stage, you will be able to explore the Italian regions and immerse yourself in their culture and traditions. From north to south, from east to west, each area of the park will welcome you with its characteristic atmosphere, letting each region tell its story for what it is, with its curiosities, its flavors and its customs.

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Enjoy a walk among the characteristic arcades, get involved with our courses and dedicated experiences. Get ready to learn the culinary arts of Italian grandmothers, try your hand at wine tasting or get your hands on pizza making.

Every journey needs a tasty stop, and there is no shortage of regionally themed taverns in the park. Savor the authentic tastes of the different Italian regions , from the most genuine dishes of the mountains to the delicacies of the Mediterranean coasts. Each dish tells a story , a tradition that has been handed down for generations and which represents a deep connection with the territory. A narrative that starts from the preparation of food, with recipes and techniques passed down for centuries, and arrives at the consumption of the meal, capable of uniting people at the same table in moments of joy and sharing.
This is how, between one stop and another, your journey through Grand Tour Italia becomes an adventure to keep in your heart forever. A meeting between past and present, a journey between tradition and innovation, to explore the essence of Italian culture in just 5000 steps , in which each dish tells of a journey in time and space through centuries of traditions, becoming a true expression of each individual place.

So, Traveller, welcome to Grand Tour Italia!

Let yourself be transported along a path of unique wonders.


The Italian regions are cultural treasures that reflect centuries of evolution and diversity, transforming Italy into a one-of-a-kind destination.
Their biodiversity is one of its most striking features. From majestic Alpine peaks and enchanting coastlines, to green plains and picturesque lakes, every corner of the country boasts a rich variety of flora and fauna.

Every street, every Italian square is steeped in history and culture : ancient cities bear witness to the rich heritage of the Roman Empire, medieval castles tell the stories of kings and queens, art and architecture tell us the testament of ingenuity human and of perseverance through the centuries.
From religious festivals and folklore celebrations, to recipes handed down from generation to generation and high-quality artisanal production, Italian traditions are a vibrant mix of colours, sounds and flavours.
Each region is a precious piece of an enormous cultural mosaic, which contributes to making Italy an unparalleled destination in the world .
Explore the Italian regions at Grand Tour Italia and be enchanted by the beauty and unique characteristics that make Italy a truly extraordinary country. Start your exploratory journey in the 50,000 m2 of Grand Tour Italia in Bologna, a journey that will change you.

Each region, from North to South, awaits you with its peculiarities: organic products, traditional recipes passed down from generation to generation, and a constant introduction of new operators who will make you experience Italian excellence like never before.


Taverns and Restaurants: enjoy an authentic culinary journey in our taverns, where the menu changes every month to always offer you something new and exciting.
Typical products and culture: travel through the stands selling typical products and immerse yourself in the educational areas dedicated to the history, culture and traditions that make Italy a country without equal.
Events and courses: take part in our folkloristic events and sign up for cooking courses to become a true expert in our culinary traditions.

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